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Azerbaijan visa support

To obtain tourist visa to Azerbaijan you will need an official Letter of Invitation (LOI) from travel agency licensed by Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Visa support letter has to be on a headed paper, duly stamped and signed. Invitation letter has to be submitted to Azeri embassy abroad along with application form, two passport-size (3x4 cm) photos and original passport/travel document (must be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Azerbaijani visa applied for). It will allow applicant to obtain single or double entry tourist visa that is valid for three months and authorizes to enter and stay in Azerbaijan for up to 30 days
Citizens of Europe, N.America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand can obtain single entry tourist visa upon arrival at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Ganja International Airport or Nakhichevan International Airport. There are Consulate sections in these airports that issue visas to those nationals. Citizens of other countries need to obtain visa in one of the Azeri diplomatic missions abroad before traveling to Azerbaijan. The procedure is straigtforward, takes around 10 minites to complete per person. If there are not a lot of people on the plane applying for visa upon arrival then you can pass border control very quickly. However if there are many travelers applying for visa you might end up queuing  there for couple of hours since there is only one person processing all the applications.

NOTE: Visas in airport are now issued for a short period of 7 days only. If you need to stay longer in Azerbaijan we strongly advise you to get visa in advance in one of Azeri embassies abroad.

Asian nationals (India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, S. Arabia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) have to get in touch with the Azeri embassy first to check regulations. Bear in mind that our travel agency issues LOIs without authorisation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For Western world nationals these LOIs are fine. However, some embassies might insist on having separate authorisation from MFA for LOIs for those Asian & African nationals. Please check with the embassy first.

If you plan to obtain your visa upon arrival in the airport a letter of invitation (LOI) from Azeri travel agency WILL NOT be required. However, if you enter Azerbaijan not through Baku airport but overland or sea port - then you need to secure your visa in advance and for this you would need visa support from travel agency.  

Visa fee in the airport costs:

- for the UK nationals is $ 101 USD
- for nationals of EU is € 60 EUR
- for USA nationals is $ 131 USD
- for European nationals that are not EU citizens (former Yugoslavia republics) $40 USD

They accept cash only, so have it ready beforehand. There is an ATM machine in Baku airport, but do not rely on that since it might not work or have no cash to dispense. Travel vouchers that entitle holder for a reduced visa fee of just $ 20 USD are not accepted in airport. Obtaining visa in airport is generally is straghtforward process taking around 5-10 minutes. However, it might take much longer if there are few applicants from one plane queuing to obtain visa... 10 minutes for each applicant and just one consulate official to process all applications...

Baku Travel Services is a travel agency licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and is authorised to provide traveler with visa support documents. Should you need a letter of invitation for Azerbaijan tourist visa contact us for arrangements. We are working every day and aim to process all requests and send LOIs within 24 hours.

Azerbaijan Visa Support Service

  1. Visa support provided as part of one of our tour packages is free of charge
  2. Visa support is free of charge if you book hotel in Baku through our travel agency (at least 3 nights)
  3. If you need just a letter of invitation (LOI) from our travel agency the fee for our service is $50 USD

N.B.If your visa is rejected for some reason we refund that fee in full minus transfer fees if there are any

Please note that additional consular fees are paid at the embassy with your visa application. Baku Travel Services can also provide you with tourist vouchers that will entitle you to a reduced visa fee of just 20 USD, in other words instead of paying full standard visa fee in the embassy (ranging from 40 to 130 USD depending on the length of your stay and the country of your citizenship) you will pay just 20 USD. Tourist vouchers are provided as part of visa support package only. Bear in mind, that tourist vouchers might not work in some embassies (though they have to be accepted by any Azeri consulate), and you will be charged the full standard visa fee instead of $20. Unfortunately, we have no opportunities to influence embassies on this matter. We also make no refund if vouchers does not work for reduced visa fee. Refunds are made only if the visa is rejected. For situation with vouchers in some embassies check the bootom of this page.

Based on the information received we will issue a Letter of Invitation and send to your email within 24 hours. You will need to print off the documents that we will send you and enclose with application form that you will submit to the embassy.


1. Embassy in London, UK processes around 15 applications a day, so try not to leave your visa arrangements until the last moment. They process vouchers without any problem
2. Embassies in Berlin (Germany) and in Kiev (Ukraine) for some reason do not accept tourist vouchers for reduced visa fee and charges full fee of 60 Euros  
3. Embassy in Vienna (Austria) and in Riga (Latvia) insist on having originals of tourist vouchers to give reduced visa fee. Vouchers need to be posted to applicants from Baku (will take 10-14 days by standard air-mail. Courier service available for extra fee if needed.

Comments from our customer: We have now obtained our visas from the embassy in Vienna. It was a bit of a struggle, e.g. they first wanted to see residence permits, which we as EU citizens resident in Austria since 2002 do not need (I had to produce a print out from the official authorities to convince the embassy staff of this), then they tried to charge the full 60 Euros each. I persisted pointing towards the small print at the bottom of the voucher you sent us - and luckily at that moment a suited superior walked in and OK-ed the lower fee with a nod. So all's well that ends well. I'm only telling you this so that maybe on your website you can amend your comments about the various embassies' behaviour towards visa applications ... the Vienna embassy is certainly a hard nut to crack.

4. Embassy in Beijing (China) - unexplainably hard case... Highly recommended to apply for visa in some other embassy.
5. Embassy in Tbilisi (Georgia) is one of the most efficient, processes vouchers without any problem
6. Consulate in Aktau (Kazakhstan) - wants originals of LOIs & Vouchers for reduced fee visa. Otherwise they can issue non-tourist visas without them.
7. Embassy in Tehran & consulate in Tabriz (Iran) need no LOI at all. Visas could be obtained same day without any support documents. They don't accept tourist vouchers as well. 
8. Embassy in Stockholm (Sweden) insist on having originals of tourist vouchers to give reduced visa fee.
9. Embassy in Jakarta (Indonesia) processes vouchers without problems.
10. Embassy in Hague (Holland) processes vouchers without problems.
11. Reported problems with vouchers in Washington (USA), insist on having an original document to give reduced visa fee.
12. Reported problems in Rome (Italy). Very lengthy processing procedure (up to 2 weeks), unhelpful staff and constant change of official rules.
13. Embassy in Seol (S. Korea) works well and processes vouchers without problems.
14. Embassy in Brussel (Belgium) do not accept tourist vouchers for reduced visa fee and charges full fee.
15. Embassy in Bern (Switzerland) - takes 1 week at least to issue a visa

Document list, terms & dates of visa preparation & consular fees may be changed according to the regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Baku Travel Services does not carry responsibility for the non-implementation or timeliness of visa processing by consular sections of Azeri embassies abroad, nor is Baku Travel Services responsible for visa rejection.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will always be happy to help you.
- * Requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice.